Your Success Mechanism

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Your Success Mechanism

If you think about your early childhood, you had so much
encouragement in the first four to five years of your
lifetime for most people.

But the thing that really changed is prior to going
to school, you were the test-or.  You got to test all
different kinds of things and learn from your scrapes
and bruises and try different things and get up and try
it over again until you finally got it right.

That was your success mechanism.

Then you got to school.

And at that point you became the test-ed instead of
the test-or.

You have to understand that one thing in your lifetime:

When you got to school, everything changed in the way you
learned.  The more years of school that you’ve had… I
think we have to unlearn and get back to that child-like
learning system of success to where we’re comfortable with failing.

You see, it’s so ingrained in us that failing is a bad
thing.  Failing is actually not a bad thing.  It just
lets you know that you need to try something else.

Are we conditioned to fail?

I’ve got a feeling, in my opinion, that the education
system kind of does that to us.  Lucky are those who learn
to continually test things – fall off your bicycle, scrape
your knees, and get back on and try it again.   And that’s
how we progress and become successful.

That’s a process.  It’s a never-ending thing; it’s always a
continuous process toward the goals that we have.  We’re
always going to have mishaps along the way.

A lot of people don’t understand this; other people will put
you down; other people will kick you while you’re down.  They’re
not the kind of people that you want to hang around with.

This is an excerpt from just one of the lessons in the
Ultimate Success Program.

When you’re ready, I invite you to join the thousands
who have applied these life lessons that I’ve put together
into a step-by-step success program.

There’s one recurring theme through all of the lessons,
and that is to take action on each and every step. If
you don’t do that, nothing will happen for you.

The law of cause and effect is real, you must be the
cause (the action) to get the desired effect (your
dreams and goals).

May I help you too?

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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