The world really needs dreamers, inventors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and doers

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The world really needs dreamers, inventors, entrepreneurs,
visionaries, and doers

The world really needs dreamers, inventors, entrepreneurs,
visionaries, and doers.  It is they that create the future
realities to benefit all humanity.

I’d like to emphasize we especially need doers.  It’s great
to be a dreamer; it’s great to invent things; it’s great to
be an entrepreneur and have new business ideas; it’s great
to be visionary, of coming up with new things to look forward
to.  But we really do need to have doers to bring those things
into reality.

I suggest to you to fall in love with your vision, your dream,
your goal that forms in your mind, for that is where all
achievement begins.  Build them into a never-ending desire,
always knowing that if you ask, you will receive.  You want to
build it into a burning and yearning emotional desire.  If you’ve
got that happening down inside of you, it will keep you going and
going and going when things get tough, and it will make the joy
even better once you do achieve your goal.

Always dream lofty dreams because as you dream, so will you become.

It begins with your thoughts.  You see your thoughts are your seeds
of reality, just as any seed can grow into its corresponding result.
And this, of course, is the law of cause and effect.

As your thoughts grow, your thoughts require you to take action upon
them.  This is called Inspirational Dissatisfaction, and this is how
you outgrow your current condition and move toward your achievements.

Can you remember a time when your life was frustrating?  You were
unhappy and wanting more?  And you see how you were dissatisfied with
your current situation, and you started thinking all the time about
how you could improve the situation?

Well, you see, that would be Inspirational Dissatisfaction.

You were inspired from your dissatisfied situation in life to move
forward, to achieve new goals, to move on with your life.

Inspirational Dissatisfaction is good.

Now we’re not talking about wishes.  We’re talking about desires that
demand action be taken toward your goals one step at a time.  You’ll
gravitate to those things you desire and move toward, and they will
gravitate to you.  You see, you’ll draw together with your goals as
if you were two magnets attracting one another.

Understand that you will receive the results of your thoughts.  You
will receive what you earn, no more and no less.  Your earnings are
the result of your service to others.  Increase your service and
you’ll increase your earnings.

Whatever your current situation, you will rise, remain, or fall,
depending on your thoughts.  Your thoughts create your reality;
control your thoughts and you control your reality.  You must control
your thoughts.  You’ve been given this right.  You must use it.

Success and achievement are not luck.  Those people that call it luck
only see the end result and do not understand that, unseen to them,
are the thoughts, dreams, sacrifices, actions, failures, adjustments,
repeated attempts, and persistence that make up the resulting success
and achievement.

There is cause and effect.  There is effort and result.  The thoughts,
visions, ideals, and dreams you have in your mind, mixed with action
and effort toward these goals, is what you will become.

This is an excerpt from just one of the lessons in the
Ultimate Success Program.

When you’re ready, I invite you to join the thousands
who have applied these life lessons that I’ve put together
into a step-by-step success program.

There’s one recurring theme through all of the lessons,
and that is to take action on each and every step. If
you don’t do that, nothing will happen for you.

The law of cause and effect is real, you must be the
cause (the action) to get the desired effect (your
dreams and goals).

May I help you too?

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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