You must begin where you are

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You must begin where you are

Now let me ask you a question.

Which is more important:  financial capital, having money,
or specialized knowledge, which is knowing what people want
and need?

Well, I will tell you that your specialized knowledge in
knowing what people want and need is the most important of
those two.

Now, how do you know what people want or need?

Well, the simple way is you ask them.  You get in a conversation
with people, and you simply ask them what they want and need and
how they feel about things.  You strike up a conversation, and
you become interested in their answers.

Now, how else can you spot opportunity?

Well, there are a few other ways.  Observe the frustrations
and discoveries of yourself and others, and make improvements
on what already exists.  You don’t have to be a great inventor.
You can just be a great improver.  So you can make improvements
on what already exists.  What knowledge and experience do you
already possess, or could possess with some study and application,
that others would also want and need?

Another way to spot opportunity?

What products and services do you already offer that others
would want even more frequently, or to have an upgraded version
of that product or service?

Those are three simple ways of spotting opportunities – is to
always be asking yourself those questions, and be asking people
what is that they want and need.

Now most people will tell you going through this awareness of
looking for opportunities is a waste of time.  You may even tell
yourself it’s a waste of time, but some people, successful people,
will take their ideas and put them into action, and with persistence
they are unstoppable.

The big lesson, the big takeaway, is your wealth is near you right
now, and you’re overlooking it.  If you wish to be great, you must
begin where you are and with what you are, and take action toward
your goals one step at a time and never give up.

This is an excerpt from just one of the lessons in the
Ultimate Success Program.

When you’re ready, I invite you to join the thousands
who have applied these life lessons that I’ve put together
into a step-by-step success program.

There’s one recurring theme through all of the lessons,
and that is to take action on each and every step. If
you don’t do that, nothing will happen for you.

The law of cause and effect is real, you must be the
cause (the action) to get the desired effect (your
dreams and goals).

May I help you too?

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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