The difference between time and timing

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The difference between time and timing

Participant: I have a question actually.  Where you talked about
the difference between time and timing, and each is important
in achieving a goal?

How do you determine if the timing is off?  Is it just that, perhaps,
you keep attempting to do something and it’s not working, or are
there are other cues that you use to determine that?

Mark:    The difference between time and timing.

Time is an ingredient; timing is when you’re checking to see if
it’s the right time.  Let’s think of when you bake an apple pie.
How many minutes of time do you use?

Participant: I haven’t baked that many apple pies. (Laughing)
I follow the recipe.  So if the recipe says, “Bake it for 30 minutes,”
that’s what I do.

Mark:    Okay.  So the recipe tells us, because of somebody else’s
experience, that you make the pie, you put it together like this,
you set the temperature, you put it in the oven, and you bake it
for, let’s say, 30 minutes.

That’s the time that it takes to bake the apple pie.  Now if you
check that pie at 20 minutes, then your timing would be
questionable, right?

Participant: Right.

Mark:    Because it’s not given enough time.  So if you’re doing
something that you haven’t done before and you haven’t been provided
a recipe, do you know the time or timing?  And the answer would
be, “No, you don’t.”

That’s where a lot of people get frustrated because we humans
want to have it when?  We like to have it now, but there are many,
many things in life that we just cannot have now, and because we
haven’t done it before, or maybe we don’t know anybody that has
done it before to give us the recipe, it’s hard for us to anticipate
how much time it’s going to take.

Then our expectation is set, and when we check in to see if what
we’re trying to accomplish is finished, in other words, check our
timing, we find out that, “Okay, it’s not an apple pie yet.”

Therefore, we need to set it aside; in other words, let it bake a
little bit more, continue working and letting the plan work, this
thing of temperature and ingredients and time to bake that apple pie.
Does this make sense?

Participant: Yes.  What I’ve struggling with is applying that to
an internet business, for example.

Mark: I have a project that I’m working on, and I started it about
a year ago.  It took a lot of effort to get it up to where I thought
that I could release it to the world, okay?

I ran into a situation to where I could not do it because it involves
some other people who were not ready for me to do it.  I haven’t
given up on that project.  You see, this is an issue of time and timing.

Participant: Right.

Mark:    The timing was not right for them, and I’m not quite sure how
much time it’s going to take.  So what I’ve done is I’ve just set
that aside, and I’m letting that one mature by way of time.  I’m
aging it, if you will.

Participant: Okay.

Mark:    It’s in front of me every day.  I see it every day.  And I
know, from the experience I’ve got and the feedback that I’ve got,
that it’s not the right time and the timing is not right.

So I have to be patient.  I go do some other things.

I have some other projects going on, and when I get some of those
bigger projects finished, it allows me more spendable time where
I can work on this project and bring it back into my focus.  And
then I can approach those people again, and see if it’s going to be
the right time, meaning “Is the timing good, or do we need to give
it more time?” as an ingredient. Okay?

Participant: Yeah.  Okay.  That makes more sense.

Mark:    One of the things that I see God do, that impresses me so
much, is how He has created all these systems within the larger
system, and how all the timings are right, and that, when we watch
His handiwork, we can learn the timings.  People now know through
thousands and thousands or however many years, that if you plant
an apple seed, that if you can nurture and grow it, that it will
come up as a tree and in a few years start bearing fruit.

Now if you never planted an apple tree before, you would not know
how long it would take to bear fruit.  So now we know the seed is
planted, and we expect in a few years, whatever that is, that it’s
going to bear fruit.  And we learn to be patient.

When we create things ourselves, that, to me, is the hardest part,
not knowing when it’s going to bear fruit, knowing that the ingredient
that I have the least control on many times is how long is going to take.

Participant: Okay.  So it doesn’t necessarily mean to you to quit;
just perhaps to pull back and put it on the back burner, so to
speak, for a bit.

Mark:    Yeah.  Yeah.

Participant: Okay.

Mark:    You never, never give up.  Never give up.  It’s not even pull
back, because I think if we have a tendency of pulling back, it kind
of dies away.

We have to have that determination and persistence just like that
little apple seed.  That little apple seed has a purpose, to grow
into a tree and bear fruit, right?  Your ideas, your seed of ideas,
have a purpose.  And it’s to grow into what you envision and to
also bear fruit.

So that little apple seed has that persistence.

It doesn’t pull back.

It just keeps pushing out, pushing out, pushing out very persistently.

It doesn’t give up, but it does it all in good time.

You’ve probably heard that phrase before, right?

Participant: Yes.  (Laughing)  Yes.

Mark:    That’s what really applies in here.  All in good time.

Participant: I’m writing that down.

Mark:    And that’s a big phrase of hope, isn’t it?  Doesn’t it make
you feel good after we’ve talked about all that and kind of
summarized it in that phrase, “all in good time”?

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Mark Hendricks


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