End procrastination forever

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End procrastination forever

The best way to end procrastination forever, so you can stop
being a “Pro Crastinator” and get more accomplished in less time.

Now let’s start off with a quote from Benjamin Franklin, since
we visited him last time.  He said, “Never put off ’til tomorrow
that which you can do today.”  Now there’s some pretty wise words
from ole’ Ben Franklin.

Now let me ask you a question, “In your heart of hearts are you
just a crastinator, or are you a procrastinator?”

Now that may get a little chuckle out of you, but you know what
I mean.

Procrastination is one of our big problems and roadblocks in
achieving our success.  Many times the actions that produce the
results we want never get done because we get lost in the wishes,
hopes, and maybes that everything will come about without us
taking any action to make things happen.

You see, we actually must do instead of say to achieve the
successes we desire.  By conquering procrastination, you live
a life of satisfying accomplishments.  I’d like to repeat that
again:  By conquering procrastination, you live a life of
satisfying accomplishments.

There’s a specific three word phrase that I share with my
USP success proteges (maybe you would like to know it too?)…

This is an excerpt from just one of the lessons in the
Ultimate Success Program.

When you’re ready, I invite you to join the thousands
who have applied these life lessons that I’ve put together
into a step-by-step success program.

There’s one recurring theme through all of the lessons,
and that is to take action on each and every step. If
you don’t do that, nothing will happen for you.

The law of cause and effect is real, you must be the
cause (the action) to get the desired effect (your
dreams and goals).

May I help you too?


As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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