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- a very personal letter to you from Mark Hendricks -

"Mark Hendricks is truly one of the "good guys". I worked with him one-on-one for about a year. He served as my coach, mentor and friend, cheering me along every step of the way through his Ultimate Success Program.

It's actually a little difficult to explain exactly how much Mark's program and personal coaching has helped me because the process is gradual and results build up over time. Rather than magical, instant results, I noticed small but amazing improvements along the way. Every week I worked on something new that also helped reinforce and expand on the previous lessons. Mark calls this "slow growth" and I like to think of it as a way of getting results that stick around for the long-term.

During and after the coaching I found myself reacting to various situations differently than I had in the past - in a very positive way. When this happens (and it happens nearly every day) I'm reminded of all the help and guidance I received from Mark and the USP course. As I mentioned, it's hard to describe all the benefits - increased awareness, confidence and personal empowerment are just a few of the things that come to mind. Mark has reminded me of the fact that I can do anything I set my mind to and that has been key to moving me closer to my goals.

I highly recommend the Ultimate Success Program to anyone who is ready to stop wishing and start making things happen in their life. Mark has done such a good job of organizing and timing each lesson perfectly so that you get the most out of the program. Each lesson prepares you for the next and it all works together brilliantly. I also feel that anyone with the ability to influence young people needs to take this course - parents, school teachers, etc. Children need to learn these lessons and sadly, many are not exposed to some or all of them the way they should be. The program helps form a solid foundation for being a successful adult in any area you choose. For adults who follow the program, it fills in the important gaps that are holding you back.

For those who have trouble sticking with a self-study program and following through until the finish, Mark's personal coaching is a must. I know my results wouldn't have been nearly as good if I hadn't had those weekly calls with Mark to go over the lessons. He added additional insight that was specific to me and my situation and helped clear up any confusion I may have had at the time. It's really one of the best things you can do for yourself and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with Mark. It's made a real difference in my life."

-- Cheryl Beebe

"I can't recall another person in my life who had the ability to listen to my personal work situation, regarding the type of business I own, the products I sell, and the market climate in my town and then be able to provide concrete ideas and tools to increase my customer base. This type of insight is a God-given talent that Mark has developed more extensively over his many years of helping others. He has experience in all types of businesses whether brick & mortar, online, and even if someone just wanted to better their home situation. A very kind man, who is very motivated to get results and instills that in all who know him."

-- Rebecca Wilcox

I joined Mark's Ultimate Success Program in 2012/2013 and found it extremely rewarding. The lessons were thought provoking but it was the individual mentoring sessions that really helped. I was unemployed when I started and then found a career that changed my views on life and Mark was there to listen and listen. I still review the lessons throughout the year. Great program.

-- JV Miller

(you can see lots of other comments from people at the end of this letter)

Hi, my name is Mark Hendricks, you've probably heard of me.

Nearly 30 years ago, I began my journey to discover the secrets of successful people, and how I could model them and become successful too.

The lessons I learned had a tremendous affect on my life and my outcomes, it was a quest that literally changed my life. And over the past few years, I've created a proven success track program on the lessons that I learned along the way.

And the great news is, it's ready and available for you now too.

So I'd like to invite you to join us for a life-changing journey with me as your coach and mentor, and your mastermind of lots of other positive and success-minded people around the world. You will master the greatest success secrets of all time, and implement each one of them to create a life for you and your family that most people only dream about.

I've packaged them up in what I call
the Ultimate Success Program

Each of these check-marked items you see below represent a
complete lesson that includes an mp3 audio, the written PDF
transcript of the audio, a PDF worksheet for the lesson, an
online questionnaire, plus success projects for you to
do to solidify the concepts into your every day life

Each lesson builds on the previous lesson to quickly change
your mindset as you progress step-by-step from where
you are now to where you really want to be


Here's a note I received from a fellow who has been progressing through the Ultimate Success Program, I thought you may want to read his comments...

He says...

Hi Mark,

Stephen Wharton here.

I purchased your Ultimate Success Program and I'm about to start lesson #9.

I realized straight away that this is a product that you launched a few years ago so I can't be interactive. (But I have never got into any of my IM or PD education live, time differences are too hard to ignore and I already only get 6 hours sleep a night because of the travel to and from my job and the job itself). 11, sometimes 12 hours a day from leaving to go each morning to arriving back home each evening. Lucky I like the job, the company, the boss and I like new "stuff" I'm learning.

But the good thing is I don't waste that travel time in the company car. I have my "auto university" going full bore. I've only been at this position just over 3 months and it has afforded me the chance to actually get to listen to some of the courses I've purchased the last several months.

That has stopped as of this week. All courses are on hold!

I thought .... Mark is a close #2 on my list of the 10 (at the most) people I listen to, and more importantly trust, so I'll listen to the first lesson and see where it goes. I've taken a few personal development courses, including Tony Robbins, Chris Howard, John deMartini, and a couple of others through their books and CD's, etc. - and although I got a lot out of them (and they all got me through some rough weather in my life), so far Mark... YOU ARE THE GUY.

The feedback you get from the participants on the mp3s and the transformations and/or the realizations you hear in the commentary are just so amazing to listen through. In fact your interaction with your live audience is probably why it is a course that keeps you listening.

I'm really enjoying the journey, so thank you for the opportunity to listen to the motivational lessons to another "round" of listeners.

All the best to you Mark, (as you always wish to your readers on your emails),


Stephen Wharton

Please note: You may read more comments from others who have
benefited from their relationship with Mark near the end of this letter.

Here are the titles of each of the success lessons you
get from this one-of-a-kind program. Each of these
lessons contains the full mp3 audio, the PDF
transcript and PDF worksheet, plus success
projects to complete and more...

How to use the struggles of the past as the springboard to your successful future
The five essential secrets of success, without them in place you will never achieve the success you desire
How to focus and attract the good things of life and free yourself from trouble and stress
How to stop being so busy doing "busy work" that you never have time for the big payoff activities you must be doing that get you what you want
How to eradicate the ten most common causes of failure, remove these stumbling blocks and experience the fast track to success you've been wanting
Your potential extends far beyond your wildest imagination, answer 12 specific questions correctly and all of your self-imposed limits are lifted from your life forever
The secret to developing your "can do" attitude and leverage your successes time and time again
How to use the inner space of your mind to launch you full force into the opportunities in your world
How to continually out-grow your current situation and expand your life into never-ending opportunities of success
The simple, yet elusive, secret to finding hidden ideas that can turn into millions of dollars for you

(read more comments from others near the end of this letter)

How to turn your big dreams into your greatest achievements
You have been given a tremendous power, and it's your choice to use it, or not, in your quest for success
Six easy ways to increase your personal self-esteem -- the sixth one may be a big surprise to you
How to use what others call failure as your ticket to astounding success
The art of attracting success by what you expect -- fully apply this secret into your thoughts and experience how quickly your life turns for the better
How to develop the courage to conquer your fear of risk and failure once and for all
What's your true motivation? ... understand these two underlying components of motivation and nothing will stop you again
The difference between goals and plans, and why you need both to succeed
How to create enthusiasm at will that carries you and others along your path to success ... these three words have an almost magical power to get you moving fast
Use this 13-part system to eliminate bad habits so your good traits can flourish - this amazing system was created nearly 250 years ago, but only a few have ever experienced its power

(read more comments from others near the end of this letter)

The best way to end procrastination forever, so you can stop being a "Pro Crastinator" and get more accomplished in less time
How to manage your most valuable asset -- you can't save it, you can only spend you must learn to spend it wisely for leveraged results
The art of getting important things done by using a simple, but rarely discussed, priority-setting technique of the super-efficient
How to have more time to enjoy the people and activities you enjoy most in life by becoming more effective in everything you do
How to use this simple law of nature to force the world to willingly pay you for more than you do
The seven secrets of money-getting ... lots of money will not buy happiness, but for you to accomplish your goals and dreams, money is a great tool to have in plentiful supply
Six steps that turn dreams into riches -- this principle, and a short poem you will discover, has been worth millions of dollars to those who have followed their wisdom
A single ten word sentence is the secret to building massive wealth from your income streams -- add this principle to your life and be amazed at its affect on your financial net worth
If you want to become successful, follow this three-part formula that was revealed to only a few at a luncheon in 1935
How to command more money for your time, products, and services

(read more comments from others near the end of this letter)

How to win people over to your side, without criticizing or telling them they're wrong -- a great lesson from a very wise man
The difference between what you should give people and what you should sell people -- make it easy to attract customers to you and then let them buy what they want from you
Seven keys to controlling your own destiny -- which of these are holding you back from achieving what you deserve in life?
A special character trait that's found in all successful people -- yes, it too can be nurtured and developed
How to be seen by others as a winner on your way up
How to deal with the stresses of success and live happy
How to be unique and use it to your own competitive advantage
Don't wait for the fairy godmother's "magic wand of luck" to waive over your dreams of success, instead use this formula (P + O = GL) to create your own "Good Luck"
The universal law that is in place for you to help you achieve whatever you truly desire (and no, it's not the law of attraction)
How Mother Nature gives you the winning example of shedding your non-success habits with new successful ones

(read more comments from others near the end of this letter)

The secret to mastering the art of living the life you really want
A short story that reveals what your world is wanting from you instead of empty promises and excuses
Six questions that help you separate the "Im-possible" from the
Competition is good, especially when your competitors inadvertently help you win while attacking you (but only if you use this special strategy)
Seven little known secrets to bouncing back even higher than before after being knocked down and out
Watch out for the trappings of success, you may find out you've gained everything but lost it all
How to use your commitment to excellence and personal success to influence and improve the lives of others
How to create a successful family environment for you, your family and extended families too
The ten important parts of happiness you must understand to be successful and have a life of complete fulfillment
How to discover your purpose of life, and how to continuously pursue those things that you were destined to accomplish

All done by way of mp3 audios, worksheets, readings, Q and A,
personal success projects, and more

Participation is limited and only available to positive and motivated people
who truly want to create for themselves a successful and fulfilling life

(by the way, the USP lessons apply to all parts of
your life, including your business or career)

Go ahead and LIKE our Facebook Fanpage,
then continue reading below...

Go ahead, give it a try now!

Ultimate Success Program Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Ultimate Success Program.

You are in for a truly life-changing experience.

Each lesson consists of an mp3 audio, a PDF worksheet, a PDF transcription of the audio, a followup lesson questionnaire to help you stay on track. Plus each lesson has a success project for you to do that reinforces the success principles into for lifetime results.

And you will have full access to the USP Members Only Forum to post and discuss your thoughts along the way. Plus you qualify to attend the live Ultimate Success Program Hands-on Workshop Conferences, if you desire.

Guarantee: If you wish to cancel your membership in the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund. After that you may cancel at any time and not owe another payment if you choose the monthly pay plan. I do not refund after the first 30 days. Please note that to rejoin later, you will pay a higher fee.

"Here's how to signup now..."

You can choose either of these payment plans:

$497 One single payment for lifetime access

$100 per month for
5 payments
Five monthly payments of $100/month for lifetime access

PayPal and all major credit cards accepted

This is the full program, there is no silly upsell or anything like that.

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Want the USP program in
printed workbook manuals?

You can order the complete set of 50 lessons (in five volumes) in print book workbook manual format at CreateSpace (which is, click this direct link to order them now... Ultimate Success Program Book Bundle

Ordering the printed workbook manuals does not include the MP3 audio recordings and does not include any personal coaching sessions.

Looking for:

USP Personal One On One Coaching with Mark Hendricks - click here

Will you help me help just one person who
could benefit from a program like this?

Please forward this website address to those who may have an
interest, I know they would appreciate you thinking of them.

Please note: if you are looking into my personal mentoring consisting of success, business and life coaching, which
includes everything mentioned on this site, plus private telephone consultations and email correspondence with
me on a weekly basis to discuss and improve your life, please read this page... click here now

Comments from people who have benefited
from their relationship with Mark...

"Remarkable is an understatement. I came upon Mark Hendricks by chance and was given a unique opportunity to become a student of his. His knowledge is unsurpassed not only in the field of business but in other areas as well. Since he is a humble man you will not find a lot of people singing his praises on the internet because that is not who he is. I can best describe him as a method teacher from a time period long ago when people took on an unpaid apprenticeship just to learn from a master and the master took on the student with the understanding that the student is the one who is responsible for themselves and the master can only assist the student in finding out what he or she needs to know. I have worked with Mark for a while now and appreciate his punctuational style and the level of knowledge he possesses and can whole heartily say if you just try him for yourself I am certain he will be a good fit for you in one way or another."

Mitch Brice

"Mark consistently over-delivers, providing outstanding value and superior expertise in every area. As a participant in his Internet Success System for the last several years, I can honestly say that you will not find a business consultant with more integrity anywhere on the planet, at any price. Mark is one is one of the very few I would trust to tell the truth even if it costs him to do so. If you don't know Mark, you are missing out."

Sheila Fredrickson

"If you are looking for a direct marketing or internet marketing coach. And if you want one who offers more substance - including depth and breadth of experience - than hype. Then give Mark a try. I've been a continuing Gold member of Mark's coaching program since 2008. That's when I decided to pursue the art and science of direct marketing. I am grateful for Mark's knowledge, products and services, support, and yes, friendship. My investment in Mark's coaching - and his investment in me - is paying fabulous dividends."

Christopher Avery
Partnerwerks Inc.

"Mark is one of the sharpest marketing minds on the planet. When I started out in this business in 1996, one of the first ebooks I ever read was How to Make Your Ads Sell Like Crazy by Mark Hendricks. This book changed my life and how I did Direct Marketing. It influenced our business growth dramatically.

Little did I know that 5 short years later, Mark and I would be doing joint ventures, we would speak at each others seminars and I would count him as a close friend and business confidante. If you are looking for someone who has forgotten more about online marketing than you will ever know (but still know a LOT more than most people on the planet) look no further than Mark Hendricks. He is a mentor, a genius, a masterful JV broker and strategist, highly skilled copywriter and all around genuinely good person.

I can offer no higher recommendation."

Marc Goldman
Chief Evolutionary Officer
Goldbar Enterprises, LLC

"Mark has been involved in internet marketing from the very beginning. I have learned a lot about internet marketing from Mark. He is an expert on building email lists through very unique and effective methods. He is a person I can recommend with the highest confidence."

Ralph Zuranski
In Search Of Heroes

"I have known Mark for more than 5 years and he is remarkable. Apart from being a well known marketer, his contribution towards "List Building" is phenomenal with his legendary "12 Days of Christmas" promotions. I have worked with Mark since 2005 and also shared the stage with him as a speaker at "Internet Marketing Super Conference". I recommend Mark for all my contacts without any hesitation.Ē

Raam Anand
infoYOGIS Technologies LLC

"There are not many people I can honestly recommend as a business coach without hesitation in today's world of Internet fakes. Mark Hendricks is not only genuine, but he knows what he's talking about. Many so-called "Internet Gurus" don't walk the walk. Mark not only walks the walk, he will help anyone truly wanting to succeed. His seminars are all teach and no fluff. I would encourage anyone who has not attended one of Mark's events to do so. You'll leave knowing you've learned something, not just leave pumped up, only to let back down two weeks later. I don't endorse many people, but Mark Hendricks gets my 100% endorsement. Listen to what he says!"

Ed Hudson
Hudson Enterprises, Inc.

"Mark Hendricks is a great friend and business coach. We have worked together many times over the years. I've been one of Mark's coaching clients and also a joint venture partner. In a world where integrity seems to be lost, Mark is a man of integrity who I trust in business as well as a family friend."

John Stiles

"Mark is an accomplished marketing professional and multi-talented individual. If youíre new to internet marketing and want to learn the ropes, heís your best bet. He has a great patience and talent to explain complex concepts in simple words. Every established marketer has his particular strengths. Mark is a master of list building and copywriting. I donít care how proficient you are in those disciplines. There is a good chance you can still learn a trick or two."

Oleg Ilin

"Mark is one of the few people I know who walks his talk. With an amazing level of passion for his clients coupled with a desire to give them the best information available, Mark is a leader who stands out far and above most everybody else in the industry. He is eager to share his knowledge and he takes great pride in helping his clients achieve new levels of success. I highly recommend Mark and his training programs."

Robert Imbriale
Ultimate Wealth, Inc.

"I've known Mark since 2003 and rank him as one of my most trusted mentors. Mark is extremely knowledgeable regarding all things marketing and puts truth and ethics above all else in his business.

I have been privileged to offer several of Mark's products as an affiliate, plus I've bought several of them for my own use. They are always top quality and reflect what's working right now on the internet for making a living online. From his "Grandmaster of List Building" course to the "Ultimate Success Program" Mark's teachings have helped hundreds of people find huge success on the internet.

He gets my highest possible recommendation!"

Michael Worthington
MPJ Marketing

"When Mark Hendricks says, "If I'm not saying anything it's because I'm thinking", go ahead and let him think! He uses his deep and varied business experience (yes, pre-internet) to laser in on an issue.

Mark helps you see if you are even addressing the correct issue, then provides wise guidance and suggestions that will save time and energy. I highly recommend his Gold membership plan, which comes with an incredible library of training materials, plus personal consultations with Mark. Like he says, "It's amazing how much we can get done in a few minutes."

Anita Hampl

"I am a member of Mark's ISS and USP programs and the knowledge and wisdom I have gained is incredible. I am an offline home run hitter but when I wanted to cross over to start using the web in new and exciting ways then Mark was the only choice for me.

He provides value 10-100-1000x what the cost is and will help you in many ways. I always look forward to attending Mark's events and learning more from his vast online libraries too."

Wayne Moritz

"Over the years I have worked on various projects with Mark. He is one of the most honest and ethical marketers I know. Not only that, he knows marketing inside and outside, and he will teach you marketing the right way. He won't waste your time with gimmicks or tricks. Instead, you'll learn how to build a business from scratch and market it in a way that will really make you money. Mark Hendricks is one of the finest businessmen I know, and I can't think of too many others I'd rather work with than him. If you get a chance to work with him, count your blessings. I count him among the VERY BEST!"

Jinger Jarrett
Freelance Writer and Internet Marketer

"I've been following Mark's work since 2002 and finally became a customer in 2006. He is one of the main influences on my thinking that has enabled me to deliver consistently great results, at first for myself and now more recently for my clients. Even the information he gives away for FREE (once applied) is like gold.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone (from beginner to expert) who is looking to find ways to increase their business results online or offline.

Do not be deceived by Mark's lack of hype and flashy promises normally found in the online marketing sphere. I would encourage any serious student of marketing to sit with his material and let it sink in. His words will stay with you and will pay rich dividends time and time again."

Craig Sunney

"Mark is one of the few marketing specialists that I truly respect and listen to. Not only have I attended his live conferences, but I have purchased many of his products in the online marketing arena. I have also been a member of his monthly business and marketing program for over four years, and look forward to many more.

His expertise is based on real-world experience - Mark has been a business owner, marketing expert, business coach, and information product developer for a long, long time. His comprehensive background shows in his involvement with his clients and customers.

Bottom line: Mark gets 5 stars and two thumbs up from me!"

Tom Armstrong

"I know, and know about, many Internet marketing and business consultants. However, I've never met one with more personal knowledge and experience, or with more personal character and credibility as Mark Hendricks. I highly recommend him."

Eddie Smith, Owner

"Mark is the kind of person who can listen to a problem and give all kinds of solutions that will help your business. He is a marketing expert and explains things in a step-by-step way, with nothing left out. Mark knows exactly the right questions to ask so that in a very brief amount of time, he was able to give me advice that is helping me build a better membership site. I especially like the way Mark can work with a small group to bring out ideas that will benefit everyone."

Carol Bremner

"Mark is a man who delivers. He offers loads of great advice, and is an expert at joint ventures and everything that goes with it. He gave me a free consultation in the past on business growth and time management that has helped me to this day! I recommend Mark to those I collaborate with, and he is always an asset, and friend which is imperative in this New Economy. I recommend him to any coach out there in any capacity that is looking for a coach. He is the one who helps those that are already at a place of brilliance become yet more brilliant. I am happy to discuss more about this truly gifted man who knows his business with anyone. If you don't yet know Mark, stop what you are doing and call him."

Lynette Hoy
Firetalker PR

"Mark has been a valuable business consultant of mine for over three years. His knowledge of marketing online is extraordinary and has provided positive results for my business. Fifteen minutes with Mark is worth more than fifteen hours with other consultants."

Christine Cobb

"Mark is an expert at internet marketing, webinars and promotion for joint ventures. He is an outstanding teacher, who is not only very effective and professional at what he does, but still manages to keep that personal touch, so often lacking in many others in this field. I have worked with Mark, personally, and I can recommend him without reservation."

Dr. Bill Stillwell, Medical Director
Dr. Bill's Favorite Formulas, Inc.

"Mark is a true visionary, he can look at a problem and see several options and works with his people to solve those issues. He has the ability to work on several different unrelated problems at the same time and using his resources to deal with them."

Mike Lewis

"Mark has served as my #1 mentor and consultant when it comes to how to establish and online business. Through his instruction and example, I now have an online publishing business that serves 3 different niche markets. Mark's advice and shared knowledge have been instrumental in helping me build a long-term online business."

Joe Farinaccio

"Mark stands apart in an industry fraught with profiteers and false promises. Mark genuinely cares for his clients and provides vastly more value than he promises them at the outset. He is a pinnacle-level expert in all modes of marketing on the Internet, and is generous in sharing his knowledge with those that engage him. I completely trust him with my endeavors."

Nathan Anderson, Owner
Anderson Agencies

"Whenever anyone asks me for a business coach - without hesitation I recommend Mark Hendricks. My own coaching session with his was superb. Not only have I met Mark in person, but I am also a member of Mark's online community - I can attest to Mark's expertise, vast knowledge and his integrity."

Traci Knoppe

"Mark is well-recognized as an expert in the field of Internet Marketing. He was kind enough to contribute an article to a book I co-wrote, Your Internet Cash Machine: The Insiders Guide to Making Big Money, Fast! I also attended one of his weekend workshops, which was like a graduate course in Marketing. He is very generous with his knowledge. I highly recommend Mark."

Jillian Coleman Wheeler
Coleman and Associates

"Mark is one of the greatest coaches of internet marketing and online business development. His training and guidance is always spot on and I highly recommend anyone looking for advice see what Mark provides."

Alex Sysoef, Owner
Alyans LLC

"Mark is an excellent teacher/coach. His knowledge and his ability to share his talents are second to none! I highly recommend Mark!"

Vic Maranto, President
Vic Maranto Worldwide

"Mark Hendricks is one of the most influential people that I have had the pleasure of knowing in the internet marketing arena. He is always giving and giving. I know that if I call Mark he will answer his phone and always be able to help me or connect me with some one who can if he is not able. If you do not know Mark then you need to meet him, it will be some of the best well spent time that you will ever invest."

Jackie Tulos

"I have been learning from Mark for several years. He is my #1 mentor and my level of influence in helping others is significant because of his leadership. He knows when to provide guidance and when to "kick me in the seat of the pants" for motivation. If you are really serious about building a successful and sustainable business online, you can't go wrong with Mark as your mentor."

Roger Carr

"Mark Hendricks gets my highest recommendation as a teacher, coach, speaker, product creator, and software developer, to name a few. He always delivers top-notch training, products, and advice. He has the highest integrity and genuinely cares about the success of his students, clients, and customers, in an industry where that is often not the case."

Chris Lockwood

"Mark is one of a kind--a top notch expert who has not one ounce of arrogance and a soul filled with core values that make life worth living and he keeps learning and learning and giving and giving and giving. You will not waste a penny with Mark Hendricks. I mean every word of this endorsement to the nth degree."

Bob Beverley

"Mark is great to work with and really knows his stuff when it comes to growing a successful Internet Marketing business. As a teacher, he explains in easy to understand language and gives step-by-step guidance. As a coach, he is supportive and accessible. I highly recommend Mark's programs and products for anyone interested in having a profitable online business."

Linette Daniels

"I hired Mark Hendricks in 2007 when my wife and I attended a workshop he organized in Orlando, Florida. Mark was a friendly, focused facilitator. I learned during that weekend about internet marketing than I had in the previous year. Subsequently, we hired him two more times (weekend seminars) and for a while as a personal coach. It was money well spent. I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Mark Hendricks as an internet marketing consultant."

Ken English

"I've known, worked with and admired Mark for the better part of 10 years. In an industry where you're here one day and gone the next, Mark Hendricks is a solid and reliable example of what happens when you know how to run an Online Business that will last."

Mike Merz, Owner/Admin

"I have known Mark since 2005 when I first got into the "IM" biz and he has to be one of my most trusted go to guys in the Internet Marketing arena. Mark is not only knowledgeable but he puts ethics above all else in his business.

I have been a member of Mark's ISS and USP programs and the knowledge I have gained from each program is incredible. I always look forward to attending Mark's events and learning more from his vast knowledge of all things 'Marketing'. Mark helps you see if you are even addressing the correct issue, then provides the guidance necessary to save you time and energy.

I highly recommend his Gold membership plan, which comes with an incredible library of training materials, plus personal consultations with Mark.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone (beginner to expert) he is one of the finest businessmen I know, and I can't think of too many others I'd rather work with than him. If you get a chance to work with him, you will never regret the decision."

Abi Carmen

"Mark is one of the true good guys in the Internet Marketing arena. Not only is he savvy, he's one of the genuinely friendliest and most giving people you'll ever meet. Mark depth of real world marketing knowledge goes well beyond online stuff. He was a successful marketer way before he touched his first web page. For a number of today's top names in the internet arena Mark is the secret ingredient to their success."

Martin Sabel

"Mark is a high integrity, results oriented individual who cares about people! Mark's knowledge of the internet and marketing is surpassed by none either for technical help or marketing help. Great value for the money you invest in Mark's services!"

Bob Bicknell

"Mark has a wealth of knowledge and experience in online marketing and is a great resource and coach. I've bought a number of his products and have really valued them. His coaching programs are super, as well."

Kurt Scholle

"My philosophy has always been that I can do practically anything if shown how to do it in a way that I can understand. I've come to know many internet marketers over recent years and Mark is the only one I have ever met who possesses both a profound depth of strategic and technical understanding of this emerging field as well as the ability to convey that understanding in a practical way that I am able to almost instantly grasp. I am flabbergasted by his skill in accomplishing this, and in doing so in a way that seems so easy and natural - which, for him, I am sure it is.

It has been said that anyone can make something complicated but that it takes an individual with a distinctive brand of intelligence to make something simple. If that is true, then Mark is a wise and understanding guide who clearly stands in the first ranks of those individuals blessed with such a gift."

Steve Hamby

"I first met Mark through a workshop on marketing via the internet back in 2006. I have taken many courses through him, and eventually hired Mark as a business coach. Since then Mark has helped me get up and running, a book published, and other projects off the ground. Whenever I have run across a situation Mark doesn't have the answer for, he always knows where to get it."

Robin Coles

"Mark Hendricks is a wealth of information from the world of marketing and specifically online marketing. Mark does not jump on every fad to hit the marketplace, but instead follows (and teaches) solid principles that still work - regardless of the venue."

Micheal Savoie

"Mark Hendricks is a breath of fresh air in a crowded marketplace. His insight and innovative strategies from idea conception to implementation is both effective and essential to long-term success. My experience with Mark has been exceptionally good. I highly recommend him and his services."

Michael Penland

"I first had the opportunity to meet Mark Hendricks at a conference. It was apparent from the start how much he cares for the success of his clients. He is very giving and has successfully coached countless individuals in ways that have opened up untold opportunities for his students."

Kathleen Gage

"I can't recall another person in my life who had the ability to listen to my personal work situation, regarding the type of business I own, the products I sell, and the market climate in my town and then be able to provide concrete ideas and tools to increase my customer base. This type of insight is a God-given talent that Mark has developed more extensively over his many years of helping others. He has experience in all types of businesses whether brick & mortar, online, and even if someone just wanted to better their home situation. A very kind man, who is very motivated to get results and instills that in all who know him."

Rebecca Wilcox

"Mark Hendricks has a wealth of knowledge based on well-seasoned experience, expertly delivering highly engaging presentations, with his personable, down-to-earth signature style. I've had the pleasure of seeing Mark present live, and have participated in several of his online sessions and programs. Covering solid relationship marketing tips, sales ideas, product-development and tech-related topics, the insight Mark imparts is always valuable, actionable, and true time-tested strategies for success."

Becky Cortino

"Mark is great to work with. He works tirelessly to meet and exceed his customer's expectations. He's knowledgeable and experienced. Highly recommended."

Lana McCara

"I had the opportunity to receive training from Mark over a couple of years and found him knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant. He tends to over-deliver in all he does, which contributes to his overall KLT factor (KNOW-LIKE-TRUST). I highly recommend Mark!"

Mike Hulen

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